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maybe i dont say it enough...

  • Mar. 13th, 2009 at 3:14 AM

thank you for inviting me out that night.
thank you for the late night texts.
thank you for the songs.
thank you for listening.

thank you for ignoring me that night.
thank you for always wanting something.
thank you for attaching yourself to my comfort songs.
thank you for shoving it in my face.

thank you for always being there.
thank you for knowing how to make me smile.
thank you for remembering the little things.
thank you for the faux bed.

thank you for all the "when its conviniant"
thank you for never using the knowledge.
thank you for forgetting the big things.
thank you for letting me second guess.

because maybe i wont move on.
because maybe i will but i wont forget.
because maybe part of me doesnt want to forget.

sometimes i want to pretend it didnt happen.
sometimes i want to pretend it affects you like it affects me.
sometimes i want to pretend im not this pathetic.

because its too late to tell me that my tattoos are what you actually like.
because its too late for you to tell me that the colors in my hair make me, me.
because its too late for me to run away.

remind me what im running too.

thank you for never telling anyone.
thank you for dragging me along for this long.
thank you for lying.
thank you for showing me that even if its hard love, its still love.

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